Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bruce Springsteen: "You've Got It"

So what, no Bruce Springsteen album - no rock album - would be complete without a love song?  Or is it that, after seven songs of public statements, the record needed a private sentiment here?  Is it that a naked statement of love is an indispensable part of the hope that was scheduled to dominate the second half of the album?  Or is this meant as an elegy for what's been lost, an empty gesture of devotion to what the wrecking ball has already wrecked?  Or is it meant as a hymn to whatever's left of good in this land that doesn't now, but might one day, take care of its own?  All these things and more, no doubt.

I admit I find it a rather weak song.  A tired beat, an unmemorable melody, an instrumental backing that only finally discovers a bit of raunch as the song fades out.  Structurally, though, it probably needs to be there.  A kind of seventh-inning stretch.

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