Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rajio taiso no. 4

You have to be familiar with NHK's supremely dippy radio calisthenics to get this one. Turns out there have been 3 incarnations of them (I had no idea). There's a youtube parody going around Japan this week called Radio taiso no. 4. Very, very funny, if you know the original (which, despite the name, is now done on TV as well).

Here's the video. It's good enough that I don't even mind that it's actually guerrilla marketing by a sportswear company.

And here's one of somebody actually trying it at home. The cat who doesn't want to get involved is the best part.

Here's one of a badminton team being taken by surprise by it. And a cheerleading squad. And a soccer team trying it.


Cherilyn said...

LOL! So, the cat was supposed to be the top of the pyramid but didn't want to participate? I'd also like to see an entire Toyota plant's workforce try this version of the calisthenics.

BTW... I guess you're in Japan now? Okay, then, bye.

mas buddy said...

hahaha......funny, and your header make me LOL ..! thanks for waking up my day,