Friday, February 6, 2009

"Questions" by Buffalo Springfield

This is a song from Buffalo Springfield's neglected third album. Like, it's intentionally neglected, even by the band members themselves. When Neil put together that near-definitive Buffalo Springfield box set a few years ago - four discs for a band that only ever released three albums - he included their first two albums in their entirety (a lot of the songs twice), but somehow couldn't find room for all of the third record. Strange. It's true that Last Time Around doesn't sound like the work of a band, but of a bunch of guys who can't wait to go solo. But their second album sounds like that, too, and everybody loves it.

If you're a CSN fan you may recognize "Questions" as the second part of "Carry On." This is a fuller exploration of those melodic ideas. In fact it's an exemplary folk rock record. An army of guitars. A piquant mixture of acoustic goodness and electronic evil. Nice easygoing rhythm. A catchy tune with a real emotional hook. The lyrics and vocals are pure '60s, Steve Stills at his soulfullest.

It would do any classic rock radio station proud. You never hear it, though.

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