Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dylan: "Dreamin' Of You," "Mississippi"

You may have heard - Dylan's coming out with a new installment of The Bootleg Series. This one's subtitled Tell-Tale Signs, and it concentrates on the years 1989-2006. To drum up interest, Sony has unleashed free mp3s of a couple of tracks from the album. They're currently bouncing around the interwebs; this site has download links for both.

I'll try to spare you the superlatives. "Dreamin' Of You" is like a brand-new song. It's a Time Out Of Mind outtake, and supposedly it's an early version of "Million Miles," or some such, but it bears little relation to that song. Really nice. And "Mississippi" - this is a solo acoustic demo of that song.

It's just as breath-taking as you'd expect.

Bob is God.

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Cat said...

Amen, brother! Can't wait to give a listen...